10 Lessons Learned From Our Dog

Our sweet dog Reed just passed away a few days ago. It was sudden and heartbreaking for my family. As we reflect on the fabulous dog that he was, we began to talk about all the things we learned from him.  As I started to compile our list, I realized that I had to share our valuable lessons and possibly unlock your experience with your four-legged friends.  As most of you know, I am always preaching, happy starts at home, so what’s more happy than genuine love greeting you at your door everyday?  Now that’s HAPPY.

The lessons we learned from Reed: Created by the Melton Family.

1.  Wag, wag, wag, I will always wag my tail for you. You are loved unconditionally.

2. Never say no to food. It’s delicious.

3.  Live in the moment. Be free. Travel with spirit.

4. Bird! Connect with your keen senses and be aware of the birds, the raccoons walking the fence line, a new friend walking up to your door.

5.  Life is a game. Make sure to have fun, even if you are playing by yourself.

6. Nurture the little ones. Protect and honor, especially rescue animals, they need extra love. (Reed treated our little rescue dog like it was his baby)

7. Enjoy the simple things-Sticks.

8. A warm bed is all you need.

9. Throw me a bone and I’ll forever feel your friendship.

10. There is no such thing as forgiveness when there is nothing to forgive. It’s only about love.

R.I.P Reed. We love you. Thank you for the lessons you have left with us. We will never forget you.


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