Talkin' Teal

You don’t have to feel like you must live on the beach to decorate your outdoors with teal anymore... It is now safe to bust out this spring's HOT color everywhere! Teal is taking over. Whether you choose bold painted furniture or just accent your table with the bright color, teal adds the magic to any outdoor space. We clearly love it!


We love the way this vintage frame is transformed into a welcome board or chalkboard for kids. This awesome piece is easy to replicate - slap some paint on an old frame, cut out particle board, throw some chalk board paint on it and *waaalah* - a perfect sign to welcome your guests as they enter your outdoor space, a place for kids to play, an entrance sign for a wedding or any other place you can think to use it! Teal makes people HAPPY, welcome them to your space and make them smile!


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