Our Fav Summer Finds

Every once in awhile, we pick a handful of things that absolutely makes us happy. Don't miss anything happy-recommended - subscribe to our blog! :)


1. We're loving these Modfire fireplaces. Pictured is their Bonfire, the biggest fireplace they make standing over 7 feet tall. They come in a handful of bright colors, are easily movable and they even make miniature versions of the one shown to put on your outdoor table! Shop them all. 2. Loll Designs makes some of the most sturdy, easily cleanable, weather durable outdoor furniture we've ever come across. We love the slight texture of the recycled material and all of the colors and styles they're offered in :) 3. How cool is this upcycled wine barrel cooler? Made by VivaTerra, this is a sure talking piece at outdoor gatherings. 4. We may be succulent-obsessed... This succulent wreath is made by the very talented Urban Farm Girls! They do such creative things with greens. Check out all of their products, it's worth the time. 5. Fermob is an awesome, worldwide brand that makes creative outdoor patio sets. Famous for all of the different colors they come in, this brand is perfect for commercial or residential.

Enjoy your happy!

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