Dinner Time Should Be HAPPY Time

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During this time of year my calendar fills up with many dinner parties. I loosen my belt and dive into the festivities! I enjoy the long dinners, great conversation and the festive table settings. It truly fills my heart with happiness.

I started thinking, how can we make every dinner this enjoyable? Many of you who know me know that my life is CRAZY with 4 kids, a business and two dogs. We live the daily grind! How could be possibly make dinner fun every night?

I decided to test out a few ideas, here's what I came up with:

1.  Drop the formalities! (even know I do love a formal dinner ) Paper plates, taco bar around our island in our kitchen. We did not even sit down! In between soccer practice and hockey games we found time to connect as a family, we even had a couple boyfriends pop in for a quick taco. We shared some fun facts about the day and a few cheerful laughs as we all moved on with our evening. Simple. Fun. Happy.

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2. Find something to celebrate. Celebrating doesn’t have to be limited to birthdays and holidays. Events that happen in our daily lives deserve celebration, too! Has someone in your family recently reached a milestone (training wheels off of a bike), finished a project (cleaned out a closet) or resolved a conflict (at work or at school)? Give this achievement some well-earned recognition with a celebratory meal.

3. Give Yourself a Time Out. This is MAGIC! Whatever is going on in your day, arguing with a sibling, stress at work, give yourself 20 minutes to eat dinner in peace. I think you will find that your mood will be much happier and by the end of dinner you might want to hang out longer.

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4. Cook their favorite meal. Once a week let one family member pick their favorite meal, even if someone in the family does not like it! I think you'll find that everyone will have a little fun with this and get excited for their turn. Believe me, there's a whole lot of playful fun with this!

5. Share one happy thought. Go around the table and have everyone share one happy moment of their day. You will find that sometimes it might take a minute or two to find that happy moment, but you always do. This is a great way to fill your hearts with gratitude, keep your dinner positive and learn about someone else's day.

All these tips are simple, easy and can be implemented into your daily life.

Find the happiness in everyday.



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