10 Steps to Decorate Happy this Fall



Last night I got a touch of Fall Fever.  The decorating bug took over as I climbed in the attic and pulled down those orange and black boxes and went to town on my house. I laughed, I danced, I sang, I was in the zone - the decorating zone. So much fun I had to share.

Here are my tips to make fall decorating a snap this year:

1.  Pour a glass of wine, crank up the tunes, it’s time to get happy! Getting in the zone is my favorite part about decorating for the season.  Play festive music, light some candles, dance around the house, get your fall vibe on.  It’s all about the energy you put into it, you’ll stand back and look at your work and not only remember how much fun you had, but how much focus and energy you gave to your project.

2.  The fall season is all about warm tones, Halloween and Thanksgiving.  How do you tie all these together to create one look? I like to blend everything so when Halloween is over, it is easy for me to keep the look and add more natural accents of fall to roll into Thanksgiving.

3.  Start from the living room and work out.  The best seat in the house is usually the living room so make it your focal point and work out from there.

4.  Bring the outdoors IN.  I am all about using natural materials when decorating.  I have a large magnolia tree in my front yard, I love to cut down branches  and use throughout my home.  Birch is also a great fall material that is very trendy right now and adds a warm and natural look to your home.  I especially love the texture!



5.  Add some sparkle.  The best way to get create a festive look is to add lighting. It is an affordable trick and adds the warm glow of the fall season.  Twinkle lights are not only for Christmas time, there are some fun fall lights out there with a orange glow, I especially love my witch hat lights, they look great with my fall decor and also Halloween ready.

6.  Get creative.  I found a big manzanita branch on my walk in the park, I sprayed it black and hung some decorative fall ornaments from the branches. Other ideas are to tie ribbon or burlap, hang photos from the branches, or even light it up with decorative lighting.  Makes for an impressive display.



7.  Don't forget about the outside. I love to do my porch up, my porch is covered so I bring my indoor pillows that are soft and cozy outside to create a warm welcome.  I also love using hay, corn stalks and of course pumpkins to let the neighborhood know that I am fall ready.

8.  Forget the traditional pumpkin, go crazy for pumpkins! There are so many varieties, shapes, sizes of pumpkins. Stack them up, blend them, pile them up in your yard, load them up in an unused fireplace, spread them through your house. Pumpkins scream fall and last throughout the whole season.



9.  I like to blend the new with the old.  I happen to have some fun fall accents, but I always like to freshen things up with some new decor that works with the whole season.

10.  Get the family involved. My kids love to decorate with me, especially my seven- year- old.  It’s a great time to connect and get excited for the fall season.

Happy Fall Decorating!




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Courtney said:

Beautiful post! You are motivating me!


Peg said:

Loved your article…great ideas, inspires me to get creative!

Lynn Phillips

Lynn Phillips said:

Great ideas. I love decorating for fall, Segway for the holidays. Live getting cozy staying at home with my collectables of the season.

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