How to Repot Your Store-Bought Orchids

Always wondered how the florists make their arrangements look so perfect? Well, I have a few tips for you today that will turn your ordinary store-bought orchids into floral masterpieces in just a few easy steps. So, let’s get to it:

1.  First, select your orchids, I usually pick mine up during my weekly shopping visit to Trader Joes, they are inexpensive and great quality.  I choose three orchids this trip, all small in size, I like to arrange flowers in odd numbers as it gives a balance to the arrangement.

season-in-a-trunk-original orchids

2.  Pick a vessel to fit your orchids and your style! I picked this concrete vessel, I love the interesting shape and it works well with my kitchen where my masterpiece will live.


3.  Remove the pots from your original orchids, then place the orchids in their plastic sleeves into your chosen vessel.  Get all three in there, I put the tallest orchid in the middle and the smaller ones on the side for balance in the arrangement.


4.  Next, crinkle up newspaper and tuck in the all the crevices to keep the plants stable, they can be a little top heavy and this helps them not topple over.


5.  Now the orchids should be nice and stable and positioned just how you like.


6.  Now for the final touches, this is the trick, add moss! Some people like fresh moss, which I love, but it is harder to find. I picked this bag up at out local craft store, Michael’s.


7. Start by adding the moss to the top of the arrangement, tuck in all the cracks to cover up the newspaper.  This gives your arrangement that professional look, like it was just delivered from your upscale florist.


8.  Sit back and enjoy your masterpiece!


Now, if I could only keep them alive!  Thank goodness for my bestie who helps me with that, thanks Dana Schlesinger!


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