Visual Sizzle

There's no need to come inside when you have the visual sizzle. How catchy is the Modfire motto!? The perfect addition to your backyard to create connection and happy dinner parties.

OUtdoor Trunl-Modfire-Poolside

May 31, 2016 by Christa Melton

Grad Parties That Glow


Who doesn’t love a glow in the dark party? I think this is such a fun idea for a graduation party. It is great for all age groups and adds a bit of playful excitement to your graduation festivities.  From party favors to getting your guests to interact, here are a few crafty ideas to get your party started.

1. PARTY FAVORS-  You are headed for a bright future! Pick up a light bulb container at a local crafts store, Michael’s is my favorite. Fill up the light bulb with some neon skittles or M&M’s, any neon candy will do.  Make a fun sign with neon ink and attach to the light bulb with baker’s twine.  A festive and easy party favor for your graduation party.

Light Your Way to Happy

Lighting is one of the hardest categories to find truly unique ideas. Well, this blows our minds! Atelier 688 in Toronto's Art District of Queen West, merges art and design and gives a fun mix to creative lighting. Using reclaimed and vintage materials, they make outdoor and interior spaces come to life! 

Outdoor Trunk-Atelier 688- Rope Lamp

Also, check out their work at Google's offices - that sure spruces up a work space!


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