Suckers for Succulents


How cool are these hanging, mixed metal address plaques with a place for succulents?! We're in love. They're from the UrbanMettle shop on Etsy. She has a bunch of different options, so be sure to make it to her page! This is a fantastic greeter when you unlock your door into happiness. A simple and easy reminder that happy starts at home.

Kick back with Wine

Wine Barrel Adironack Chair by Hipcycle at Outdoor Trunk - made from recycled wine barrels!

We've been following Hipcycle for a long time now and it's one of our favorite places to find unique treasures. Their mission is to offer upcycled alternatives to traditional home decor - we definitely think they accomplished their mission! Check out this Adirondack Chair made of upcycled wine barrels. It makes us want to kick back and sip some wine, how about you?

Oxgut Hose Co. - Upcycling Fire Hoses!



For all you firefighter lovers out there, you're going to love these! I had the greatest pleasure of meeting the inspiration behind Oxgut Hose Co.   There's nothing like the excitement of stumbling upon unique finds, especially ones that are helping our environment and promoting happiness. What drives Oxgut is keeping old fire hoses out of landfills and creating exclusive designs with a heroic past. Just as much as they love finding new life for fire hoses, they love honoring its original purpose: saving lives. A portion of their profits go directly to The Children's Burn Foundation. Simple. Unique. Brilliant. I am inspired!

Spring up the Winter Blues

There is nothing better than the smell for fresh herbs drying in a crackling warm house! We're all for the fresh herb garden planted in the Spring, but if you don't want to wait, go to your local market and pick up your favorite herbs. Then pick up this nifty drying rack from Williams-Sonoma and add a touch of spring to the winter blues.

Buddha Buddies


WE LOVE BUDDHAS! We both have buddhas scattered around the house and in our gardens. We're always looking for unique buddhas, not the typical ones you see in Lowe's or Home Depot...VivaTerra is a one-of-a-kind company that finds those special artisans and take creative design to another level.  VivaTerra believes that you don't have to compromise style to help preserve the earth's precious resources.

Light Your Way to Happy

Lighting is one of the hardest categories to find truly unique ideas. Well, this blows our minds! Atelier 688 in Toronto's Art District of Queen West, merges art and design and gives a fun mix to creative lighting. Using reclaimed and vintage materials, they make outdoor and interior spaces come to life! 

Outdoor Trunk-Atelier 688- Rope Lamp

Also, check out their work at Google's offices - that sure spruces up a work space!


Bird Cafe


Functional art makes your outdoor space come alive!  Check out this Bird Cafe, a modern feeder for your feathered friends, from Terra Trellis. The Bird Cafe together with the Akoris Garden Tuteur provide a garden eco-system that is sure to liven' up your garden. The Bird Cafe can also be purchased separately and screwed onto a common wooden post. A modern/rustic habitat the hippest birds will tweet about! This one shown has a natural steel oxide finish, but check out all these vibrant colors your can choose from!


February 08, 2014 by Christa Melton

DIY Cheerio Bird Feeder

How's this for a quick outdoor D.I.Y. - a heart-shaped cheerio bird feeder! Kids love to make it and birds love to eat it! Click here for all the details :)

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