Not Your Average Game of Checkers

Not your average game of checkers...Human sized! For more outdoor games follow Outdoor Trunk on Pinterest.

Turn your patio into a checkerboard! A great way to spruce up a boring patio and get the family to get outside and play. This could also be used for chess. We're loving the idea of life-size boards games - remind us of Harry Potter! If you don't want to do something so permanent to your patio, check out these portable giant checkerboards. But you would have to remember to bring it  in when it rains. :) Follow our Outdoor Games board on Pinterest for awesome ideas and DIY yard games.

Hobbit Holes

I wish they had these when I was growing up! I stumbled upon this company Wooden Wonders and fell in love with their creative workmanship and their take on outdoor play structures.  This one was built into the landscape to fully integrate into an outdoor space.

Outdoor-Trunk-Hobbit Hole

The inside is equaly well crafted and offers a unique version to the old school fort.  Mom can now take a break as her kids play for endless hours in their hobbit hole! Now that's happy!

. OUtdoor-Trunk-Hobbit Holes- inside

Outdoor Trunk-Hobbit Hole-Inside 2 


DIY Cheerio Bird Feeder

How's this for a quick outdoor D.I.Y. - a heart-shaped cheerio bird feeder! Kids love to make it and birds love to eat it! Click here for all the details :)

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