The Power of a Gratitude Jar



This week my thoughts have been focused on gratitude. I love this season because it makes us more aware of what we are grateful for in our lives. I believe this is something that we should practice daily to help us stay connected and ultimately create a happy home. This is one of my favorite rituals in my home, The Gratitude Jar! It is a heartwarming ritual that can truly create miracles. We have fun with this all year long, but as we move into November, the month for being thankful, it might be the perfect time to introduce the gratitude jar into your home.

Here's how it works:

1. Pick a Jar, any jar will do! Get creative with it. It might even be fun to turn it into a family project. I have seen everything from beautiful hand-etched jars to simple painted jars. The key is to make it your own.



2. Decide on what your would like to write your message on. Most people choose paper, but you could get extra crafty and use something unique like stones. Whatever you decide, make enough of them and keep in a basket near your jar, don't forget a pen! The goal is to make it easy for you to write your daily grateful thoughts. Each family member can write their own or sometimes my family comes up with one grateful thought at dinner and we put it in the jar as a family. You get to make the rules, I suggest trying to do this daily as consistent gratefulness unlocks the happiness in your home.




3. The most important thing to do is BE GRATEFUL. We have so much to celebrate everyday.


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