What the Heck is Hygee?











I am obsessed with this danish word taking the world by storm! As soon as I learned about Hygee (pronounced 'hoo-ga') I had to share with my happy tribe. I am a total "wordy" so discovering a word that completely describes my mission for Unlock Home, ultimately my purpose in life, has me smiling ear to ear.

Hygee is the danish concept for coziness, but really it's much more than that. It's an attitude to live your daily life. Think ambiance, sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire, gathering with friends for dinner, lighting a candle at your desk, reading a book tucked under your favorite blanket. It's creating an experience that brings us happiness. It's Hygee! It's such a fun word to say.

Some people say that the Danish are the happiest people in the world. Hmmm, I wonder why? Any country that so freely uses a word to describe the essence of coziness is happy in my book.  Hygee is crucial to living Danishly. It's not a middle class thing, it's an everyone thing. I read an article about a delivery truck that drives around with lite candles in the windows, now that would be totally illegal here, but how cool is that! Hygee is simply meant to be felt.

So tonight Happy Tribe, Let's get Hygee tonight! Throw down some Hygee! Fire up the Hygee! Live Hygee!

I am obsessed... I love this word.







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