A Harmony of Color


Come to my house for dinner! That's what this photo screams. The color combination is so inviting and the combination of patterns are in perfect harmony. We're totally in love with this bright rug! We've just discovered this company Fab Habitat, who is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. Fab Habitat is a proud supporter of Navjeevan Society, a charity in India involved in the betterment of individuals with special needs. Great products for a great cause!  

Suckers for Succulents


How cool are these hanging, mixed metal address plaques with a place for succulents?! We're in love. They're from the UrbanMettle shop on Etsy. She has a bunch of different options, so be sure to make it to her page! This is a fantastic greeter when you unlock your door into happiness. A simple and easy reminder that happy starts at home.

Kick back with Wine

Wine Barrel Adironack Chair by Hipcycle at Outdoor Trunk - made from recycled wine barrels!

We've been following Hipcycle for a long time now and it's one of our favorite places to find unique treasures. Their mission is to offer upcycled alternatives to traditional home decor - we definitely think they accomplished their mission! Check out this Adirondack Chair made of upcycled wine barrels. It makes us want to kick back and sip some wine, how about you?

Not Your Average Game of Checkers

Not your average game of checkers...Human sized! For more outdoor games follow Outdoor Trunk on Pinterest.

Turn your patio into a checkerboard! A great way to spruce up a boring patio and get the family to get outside and play. This could also be used for chess. We're loving the idea of life-size boards games - remind us of Harry Potter! If you don't want to do something so permanent to your patio, check out these portable giant checkerboards. But you would have to remember to bring it  in when it rains. :) Follow our Outdoor Games board on Pinterest for awesome ideas and DIY yard games.

We're Lovin' Teal & Radiant Orchid

Outdoor design inspiration. We're loving teal and orchid, see more at blog.outdoortrunk.com!


As much as we LOVE teal, we love radiant orchid + teal together even more. Radiant Orchid is our inspiration color for HAPPY, It's absolutely eye-catching. The two colors compliment each other fantastically.Step out this summer and combine these trending colors to add a splash of happiness to your patio. 


Teal Ombre stairs with colorful accents. http://blog.seasoninatrunk.com


Visual Sizzle

There's no need to come inside when you have the visual sizzle. How catchy is the Modfire motto!? The perfect addition to your backyard to create connection and happy dinner parties.

OUtdoor Trunl-Modfire-Poolside

May 31, 2016 by Christa Melton

Grad Parties That Glow


Who doesn’t love a glow in the dark party? I think this is such a fun idea for a graduation party. It is great for all age groups and adds a bit of playful excitement to your graduation festivities.  From party favors to getting your guests to interact, here are a few crafty ideas to get your party started.

1. PARTY FAVORS-  You are headed for a bright future! Pick up a light bulb container at a local crafts store, Michael’s is my favorite. Fill up the light bulb with some neon skittles or M&M’s, any neon candy will do.  Make a fun sign with neon ink and attach to the light bulb with baker’s twine.  A festive and easy party favor for your graduation party.

Top 10 Graduation Ideas

season-in-a-trunk-grad- props

We are in the season of Graduation, it does not matter if it is college, high school or even preschool, it is always a special time to celebrate the achievements of hardworking individuals. This year I have two graduates, my daughter from junior high and my son from preschool. I am getting very familiar with graduation parties as last year my oldest son graduated from high school and my other daughter from junior high. So, I thought I’d share a few ideas to help make your graduation festivities a little more memorable.

Hobbit Holes

I wish they had these when I was growing up! I stumbled upon this company Wooden Wonders and fell in love with their creative workmanship and their take on outdoor play structures.  This one was built into the landscape to fully integrate into an outdoor space.

Outdoor-Trunk-Hobbit Hole

The inside is equaly well crafted and offers a unique version to the old school fort.  Mom can now take a break as her kids play for endless hours in their hobbit hole! Now that's happy!

. OUtdoor-Trunk-Hobbit Holes- inside

Outdoor Trunk-Hobbit Hole-Inside 2 


Snuggle Up in an Alpaca Throw

Alpaca Throws from KOKO available soon at Outdoor Trunk! blog.outdoortrunk.com Alpaca throws will be available at Outdoor Trunk in Spring 2014! blog.outdoortrunk.com

Want to spend the evening outside? Snuggle up with one of these Alpaca Throws from the Peruvian Andes! The vibrant colors can be seen all throughout the different collections at Koko. Bright colors will help you unlock your happy this spring.

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