Welcome! I am so happy to share my creativity with you.

I designed the Happy Collection from a deep seeded feeling that I will attempt to explain. All I knew for sure was that our world needed happy more than ever. By happy, I mean connecting to the simplicity of happiness.  I started asking myself, where it is rooted? What makes people happy? Where does it begin?

These questions, mantras, motivations filled my daily thoughts. Then one day, the light shined bright and a breathtaking awareness came over me.

Happy starts at home.

Looking inward, I realized it’s a life most of us are already living. In my case, my home is my rock, my center, my source of vitality. It’s my connection, my happiness, my space to fuel my soul with the power to spread joy into my daily life. Our home is the foundation that my kids venture off from in the morning. They head into their day knowing they always have a happy home to return.  Our home shines with laughter, dinner parties, wine drinking, birthday celebrations, and most of all, big love. Believe me, we have our days where we have to dig deep to find the happiness, but we manage to be grateful every day. My mission became clear. Unlock Home exists to educate and inspire others to bring more happiness into their homes. Brimming with creative energy, the next thing I knew the Happy Collection was born.

My goal was to craft a collection that keeps you connected to your home.  Our signature scent needed to convey the feeling of comfort as soon as you unlocked the door. The scent had to be uplifting and cheerful without overpowering the space. I wanted it to feel like the experience of walking into your dream home, inhale deeply and with a smile, confidently say “yes”.

"There is one common thread that runs though all of us-we are all seeking happiness."




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