Unlock Home was created from my passion of teaching others to expand their happiness and savor the present through unlocking the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch.  Happiness is the foundation of our company and we believe the root of happiness starts at home. We provide the tools to empower customers to unlock this happiness through our seasonal boxes - each based on a feeling of the season.  Whether it’s Joy, Love, Bloom, Fun or Grateful, they all lead back to Happy.

What makes Unlock Home different?

We package an experience! We are transforming how gift-giving can be personalized, thoughtful and given with meaning - both to the recipient as well as the gift giver. Unlock Home makes it easy for you to give a beautiful, high style gift with very little effort.  It’s the gift that feels good to give all year long.

Each season, I develop a signature scent, blended from pure essential oils, to unlock the particular feeling or emotion of that season. Each spray and candle is made from the highest quality ingredients – I refrain from synthetics of any kind.  I contract with a local, 75-year-old confectionery to create an artisan made “treat” to share and I search to unearth the perfect treasure for each trunk designed to be kept and cherished as a way to ultimately unlock “happy” in the recipient’s home.

Each of our seasonal boxes contain 5 items:  A 4 oz home spray of the trunks signature scent, a natural soy based and wood-wick candle of the same scent, an artisan sweet treat, a beautiful card describing the intent of the contents and a signature token used to evoke the emotion of the season each box is designed around.

Please watch my video to get the true essence of unlocking your senses and finding happiness. Enjoy!


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