BLOOM Spray 120 ml.

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The bloom scent literally smells like a bursting bud on a spring tree. We worked hard at capturing the perfect smell of Spring, not too sweet with a complementary balance of freshness.Our proprietary blend of renewing pure essential oils will uplift your space and help welcome spring into your home.

Want to let your own greatness blossom? Wear the Skeleton Key Charm attached to the bottle to unlock your own greatness!

  • The bloom spray is the perfect gift for Spring. Also a great gift for Graduation. Bloom will help encourage new possibilities and a fresh start.
  • Ships in 1-2 business days
  • 4oz. 120 ml. ( also comes in a smaller 80 ml size, perfect for your purse, your car or just to sample the scent.)

Ingredients: Distilled water, essential oil blend including Melissa accord, geranium, palmarosa, pomegranate (CO2), lemongrass, patchouli, spikenard, ylang ylang, labdanum.

Directions: Shake Spray Unlock Bloom

Unlock BLOOM with me!  Check out my video to experience the uniqueness of BLOOM.




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