Brunch Trunk


This trunk contains everything you need to host the perfect brunch - delivered right to your door. We do all the work for you, just simply add the food and maybe some mimosas. This Brunch Trunk comes just in time for the weather change and the season of morning feasts! Perfect for Sunday brunch, Mother’s day, Easter, bridal showers, baby showers, or for any other gathering intended to connect with the people that mean the most to you. Sleep in, feel that sun and celebrate good food and even better friendships. The Brunch Trunk is so versatile and can be used in so many ways!  Check out all the photos.

Checkout our videos below to see how to use the Brunch Trunk as a centerpiece and as a mimosa bar.

What's in the Brunch Trunk?

  • Yellow tea lights (3): 1.75"l x 1.75"w x 1.25"h
  • Mint burlap table topper: 60" x 60"
  • White bucket: 13.75 x 7
  • Hobnail jars(3): 13”, 9”, 7”
  • Slate serving platter:10"dia. 
  • Floral metal garland: 40”
  • Chalkboard labels (3)
  • Brunch card
  • A special gift 

Yellow Votive Tea Lights- Set of 3. Scatter along the mint table topper for a pop of color. Use on the mimosa bar. It’s a great small accent piece to brighten your table and complement the tulips.

60x60 Mint Burlap Table Topper- Use as a standard table topper or scrunch under the white bucket to create a pop of color in your center piece. Lay it out on your mimosa bar or serving table to add extra color. Layer it over a table cloth or a patterned table cloth/runner to add more color.

White bucket- Perfect to use as a center piece with flowers. Or, fill with ice and use to keep your champagne chilled at the mimosa bar. Display forks, spoons, knives, napkins, plates. The white color provides a clean, fresh look and complements spring color.

Metal Flower Garland- Guaranteed to impress, this modern piece is perfect for a center piece. Simply bend it to weave through your yellow votives and around the white bucket. Or, hang it on the wall behind your mimosa bar or around the hanging hobbnail jars for an unexpected visual surprise. We suggest you accent with copper fairy lighting to make it pop.

Slate Serving Platter- You’ll love this piece! Serve your cheese, pastries, veggies, fruit or olives on this accent piece.  The gorgeous slate color will pop when laid on the mint table topper. Feeling creative? Use chalk to label each food. Cleans up with a wet sponge.

Chalkboard Labels- 3 included. Use to label the various nectars on your mimosa bar or to label food at your serving table. Yellow ribbon ties in with the yellow votives on your table. Use a chalkboard pen (available at craft stores) for a clean look.

Hobnail Jars- 3 sizes. A fun twist on the mason jar. Perfect for flowers or to hold your favorite nectars on the mimosa bar. We love the modern spin with the polka dot texture. Comes with metal hanger; hang it outside with lights or flowers to add another element. For your Easter brunch fill with jelly beans for a cool center piece. Feeling extra festive? Fill with colored sand and a tea light for texture and style.

Brunch Card- We included our definition of Brunch for a little extra pop of fun.  Attach to the white bucket with our cute little yellow clothes pin to help accent your display.

A Special Gift-Christa included her favorite mimosa recipe to help you spark up your party!

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